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Forest Fire sketch

Landscape Sketches

These are some quick landscape sketches I did as an exercise. They were made in a course of three days, spending about 3 to 4 hours per painting.

Chinatown News

Chinatown News

Chinatown News Some late night business, somewhere in a shady town.

Ratatat magazine Cover

Ratatat – Unofficial music magazine

Unofficial ”Ratatat” Music magazine A music magazine for ”Ratatat”. A great and unique music duo who make great stuff. These could all be pages and spreadsheets for in a magazine for them. The only thing missing here is the text.

Ode aan de Lino Linoleumsnede Robohead

Ode aan de Lino – Linoleum Contest

A linoleum print nominated in a linoleum contest called ”Ode aan de Lino” My lino print was nominated as one of the best prints. It didn’t make it to the number one spot though, but nonetheless was exhibited in de Zaandam’s museum “Zaans Museum”

Waterfall Head

Waterfall Head

http://ramonsterstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Waterfall-Head-AE_1.mp4 ”Waterfall Head” Illustration Animated

The Creature

The Creature

The Creature – A mystic unearthly existance I drew the first sketch in my sketchbook, then I thought it would be fun to digitalize it and color it; make it available for prints. And so I did, and now it can hang on anyone’s wall. In the future I want to sell prints, posters, illustrations …

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Sonar Submarine Album Cover Raw

Sonar Submarine – Album Cover

”Sonar Submarine” Album Art for ”Seave” An Album or EP Cover for my producer friend. It will be called ”Sonar submarine” he asked me to do the cover art. You can listen to it here:

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